“somewhere, in between”

somewhere in between the spaces left in between the soft virgin leaves of that mighty oak tree,illuminated by that auburn light of dusk,we exist..
somewhere we exist in the pink of the cheek that has been kissed for the first time and in that shy eyelids..

yes..we do..

somewhere in the dark of that silent night,

inthe yellow fields of barley, where we danced shouting and screaming…

but careful enough not to wake up the sleeping sun..

the blank spaces between the fading words of that tragic novel were filled by us..

the echoes of your childish giggles still fill this empty room

and the curtains still smell of you,which you used to drape around your naked body,and how you used to stand there for long, playing with your curly black hairs..

staring ,without any purpose,deep in to the river flowing  near by,

from the very same window..where the poet sits today and remembers his long lost love…and

pen down “a part of us will exist in each other for time unknown…

Individually we were merely random possibilities, but together we created magic, a magic that will never disappear…

and it will exist somewhere beyond the realms of tangibilty ”
and miles apart,his muse,feels the strange sadness and unconsciously listens to the dolores hymns of the river,which the waves have carried along..

photography : akshat pathak


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